Sunday, September 28, 2014


Insomnia is kind of like torture, because as the rest of the world is fast asleep, you're up all alone with your mind just buzzing with a million random what am I gonna have for breakfast?  Wow, does that make me a fat fat that I'm thinking about breakfast right now? Where did the term fat fat even come from? Pancakes would be waffles. Waffle House waffles specifically. Wait I can't have that on this no carb diet. Dang it. Yep I'm definitely a fat fat. Maybe I could make waffles with my protein powder. Ok no, just thinking about that is gross. Wouldn't have time anyways, daughter's dentist appointment in the morning. She's seeing an associate dentist; her regular one is out of the country on a family emergency according to the receptionist. I wonder what kind of family emergency. Did the receptionist tell me how long she'd be gone? I don't remember. Wow why can't I remember that? Probably because I was thinking about that breakfast restaurant that's across the street from their office. All organic and yummy. Ok seriously? ! Thinking about food again?! I need to make sure my daughter eats before the dentist appointment. And then immediately brushes and flosses. Please don't let me look like the bad mom with the child that has a hundred cavities. I'm sure she's fine right?! Maybe I should check right now. No crazy, she's asleep. It's just me that awake. Why am I awake anyway? Probably the midday nap. Not a good idea. I have an early morning, I HAVE to go to sleep! Please Lord, help! Ok. Closing eyes now. Sleep. Sleep......Nope not working. Ugh!