Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Resolutions Resolved

So, heres a video of Day1 of the NEW stronger and more disciplined me.

 I recently received these #FitnessAnsweredTrainingBands to review. I loved the portability of these bands and it got me geeked for being able to accomplish my New Years Resolutions this year. Honestly, looking through all of the social media blobs of how, just like myself, everyone's going to make this year 2016 will be the turning point for their fitness...has me wanting to excited to get on the band wagon to ride the train of better health and fitness. So I get the newest gadgets and experiment with the newest recipes. And in this first quarter of the new year (actually just barely the  the 2nd week of 2016 to be exact) I have resolved that 'New Year's Resolutions' are crap! I was so caught up in making sure everything was so perfect and precise that I started stressing and depressing myself into a cloud of frustration. So I'm just going to continue to do what I do best...
*Be true to myself
*Continue to be better everyday
*Strive to improve the old and/or learn something new
*Love myself no matter what