Saturday, February 15, 2014

Random Shout-Out...My new Love

Ok, as always, this is completely random and may seem a bit out of left field....and I promise this shameless plug is not a paid advertisement...I just wanted to share a new found love!
As of recently, I've been following a Facebook page that came to me by way of those tricky marketing people at Facebook through the suggested likes page. At first, I didn't think too much into it; I just clicked like and proceeded about my day. Then I got bombarded by the massive post from this page; at first I was ready to be annoyed and 'dislike'....but something said "just read one or two posts first". And WOW, now I'm hooked! Being a 'Mighty Girl' myself and mother of 2 awesome 'Mighty Girls', I found the stories and books to be very insightful and inspirational. That's why I wanted to share.
So, to all of the 'Mighty Girls' out there, here's a couple of my favs:

Love this fantastic "We Are All Wonder Women" print by Chicago artists and sisters Sarah and Catherine Satrun! 

When we shared this print a few months ago, it sold out quickly so here's your chance again -- it's available in the artists' Etsy store at

If you or your Mighty Girl loves Wonder Woman, you can find Wonder Woman books, costumes, t-shirts, and toys in A Mighty Girl's "Wonder Woman Collection" at

For more empowering depictions of female superheroes ranging from Batgirl to Buffy, visit our "Superhero Collection" at

And, for more girl-empowering wall art, visit A Mighty Girl's "Art & Decor" section at

"Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate."

To find a few great role models to inspire your children, visit A Mighty Girl's collection of over 400 biographies of incredible girls and women from throughout history at

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Brrrr! Rabbit

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal announced on yesterday a state of emergency for 45 counties due to a winter storm projected to surge into the state today (Tuesday) through Thursday. This, of course, was an attempt to get ahead of the that there isn't a shortage of salt or salt trucks, that we're not gridlocked and stuck on the interstate for 10-24 hours, having abandoned vehicles along side of and in the middle of roadways, have over 1200 traffic accidents, sleeping in grocery stores, or have children stuck on buses and in schools overnight. Bravo to him for thinking ahead and not wanting a repeat of the fiasco a couple of weeks ago.....But didn't he and other city/state officials get the memo when a similar situation happened in 2011?! I have to wonder what the people up North must think of us Southerners. By the way, I should tell you, I'm originally from Texas - a shorts and flip flops type of girl. so the fact that I've experienced temperatures below 75 during winter had me in shock. Seriously, I own one sweater....which I bought AFTER we moved here. So, can you imagine my reaction to snow?!!!
Well, Mr. Jack Frost, you will not win this time! I, with the help of Google, will be prepared!
In true 'rabbit hole' fashion of course.....

And for when your stomach starts to grumble.....

To keep the little one occupied, so I don't rip out my hair.....

Trust me, I've browsed through more than 50 (ok, maybe 100+) other this list can go on and on, but let's stop here for today.

With any luck, this time it will be less of.....

And more of.....

Keep safe and warm everyone!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Follow me down the rabbit hole.....

So, I wake up this morning to an overwhelming response to my first blog post.
 Side note-Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! :)
 Truth be told, I honestly didn't think there would be any interest. So anything more than 2 views (my husband and my mom), I'm ecstatic.
That being said, I felt anxiety and my mind spiraled....'Now what?!...What on earth was gonna be my second post....How long could I realistically sustain this....How long could I continue to capture everyone's attention...oh, and...Am I even doing this right?!'
Freakin' crap!!!
Ok, let me roll out of bed and do some research. Thank God for Google! OMG, wait a there's like ummm a bazillion hits for how to do a successful blog. How do I pick? Who do I trust? Is this gonna cost me any money?! Calm down, Enna....
 Let's start at the beginning.....There's how-to on adding pictures and videos, making money with affiliate programs, adding music, optimizing SEO, posting events, selling products..etcetera. etcetera...Ok, Enna, keep it simple stupid! Let's just look at the 'beginner/blogging for dummy' sites.Yeah, about 5 websites in, my A.D.D takes over and I'm on Pinterest and playing Candy Crush. Ugh!!  Let me just go downstairs and update Hubby. Maybe that'll get me focused (yeah right).
So, I talk things through with him. Of course he's excited for me. He gives me a few ideas and words of encouragement; then continues with his work. Sure that helped a little, but I still have butterflies. So, I start thinking again about how I'm gonna do all this...Hubby blurts out, "It's cold outside; especially for you." Did he just interrupt my deep thinking for a weather report?!!! "What are you doing today?", he says in a playful tone....workout?! Yep, today is workout day...It's 'I hate to exercise, It's 50 degrees but I better suck it up cause I'm trying to look sexy for beach time, But I REALLY REALLY HATE TO EXERCISE' workout day! Ok, fine! Off to the gym... Maybe that'll get me focused (yeah right).

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Start of Something Outside of Me

I'm starting this blog with encouragement (ie nudge) from my dear husband. Often times throughout the day, my mind goes through spells of random thinking. I've coined the phrase as 'going down the rabbit hole'. The conversations always start out with a random blurt of something odd; then my husband replies with "Um, ok, where did that come from?" So, I proceed to tell him the long list of twist and turns that lead one ordinary thought to 20 offbeat tangent thoughts. This happens a few times a day....well in all honesty, it actually happens in my head a hundred times a day. I only verbalize it to him a few times a day. Thinking that I can't be the only one who thinks this way, he urged me to start a blog. Now, be warned...I am not a Nobel prize winning author and admittedly my thoughts are sparatic. So if you're looking for deep intellectual conversations, or how to be the next Martha Stewart, this is not the blog site for you. This is for all of the tangent, random, sometimes A.D.D., rabbit hole thinkers.