Friday, November 6, 2015

Adding Up the Healthy Foodie Credits

So every Friday on all of my social media outlets, I pay homage to all of my favorite foodie finds of the prior week...some vegan, some not, but mostly healthy #nomnoms that I wish to devour or at least try to recreate. I call it #fitfoodfriday!

Initially I wanted the purpose of #fitfoodfriday to be to educate novices out there on healthy food facts and recipes and hopefully inspire them to get and STAY on a better path of health. However, the more research and posting I do, it has seemed to evolve into something else.
Confession: I'm using it for EVIL.

I've noticed that I've started gathering tips and ideas on how to "ADD UP THE CREDITS"...simply put counting my Macros, dotting my I's/crossing my T's, to figure out when and what cheat I can have later. Adding up enough healthy food credits so when I go bonkers on some McDonald's fries I don't feel as guilty...or the Wendy's Frosty...or biscuits and gravy...or chocolate chip muffins...or a candy bar...or a warm slice of apple pie...

My kitchen cabinet stays stocked with all kinds of healthy 'break the glass in case of emergency' stash...they are lifesavers. Take for instance my new favorite go-to:  manitobaharvest hemp products...I add the hemp hearts to EVERYTHING! Seriously #yummyinmytummy! So much so that I've partnered up with them to do a lil'giveaway > #instagramgiveaway@fatfatgonefit <

Banana with Cashew Butter and rolled in Hemp Hearts
Vanilla Greek Yogurt with Hemp Hearts

Yea, I didn't say I was Rachel Ray...don't judge me! You can actual find tastier and more creative recipes on their website. (see link above)

So I guess my question to all of you fabulous #fitfam fanatics is:
If I eat this heart healthy, low calorie, high protein sort of stuff everyday from now until let's say...umm, just choosing a random date here...November 26ish...will I have enough 'credits' built up to demolish some stuffing?

Or do I even care?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

October CRAZINESS Rundown

 So this month has been SUPER crazy for me (as well as the other looney tunes that I live with). Here's a brief rundown:

  • My family and I moved from Georgia to Texas
  • I received more product reviews than anticipated
  • My daughter started at a new school
  • My husband (who had previously worked from home) started a new position
  • I also started working outside of the home
  • I'm ending this month out with completing a Spartan Race
Now all of that just in a brief cliff note doesn't seem so bad, right?! But it's all of the little details....

  1. Moving from Georgia to Texas- Working out the $$ details with the Property we were living in so they wouldn't evict us before our actual moveout date. Having to sell off furniture because you know the new property won't be able to fit your oversized furniture nor will the moving truck you're trying to get. Finding the cheapest, yet reliable, moving truck company to haul all of our stuff....FYI- DO NOT use Budget Rental. They may be cheaper but they don't guarantee a truck size on your actual reservation day. So what's the point of even asking me what size I need?! #ugh Plus if they only have a bigger size, you still have to pay the difference even though it's not your fault. Another #ugh. Getting a call a few days before moving that the person you thought you'd be crashing with for a couple weeks until your apartment was ready is trying to hit you up for $$$$$$$$$. Needless to say last minute adjustments to that whole thing because we're pinching pennies here. The 13hour straight drive with a copilot (my 11year old daughter) who slept most of the way.
  2. More product reviews than I anticipated- They were all either delayed, sent to the wrong address or are somewhere in the abyss. I did a temporary change of address months ago to the first place we were supposed to staying ( reference#1 above:the one that wanted the whole bank), then had to change it a day before we left to the new temporary address, but it didn't take affect until a week after we arrived in Texas. Then I had to change it to our now permanent address....Needless to say, I'm sure the Postmaster is confused and highly upset with me.
  3. My daughter starting a new school- The old school originally told us that the withdrawal forms could be completed her last day of school. "Just come in; it's an easy and quick process" So we did just that. We get there on her last day to withdraw her (a Friday) and the Registrar tell us that it won't be processed until the following Monday or Tuesday and for us to come back then. (insert my mean face here) Ok, what?! We kindly explained to her that we were leaving 5am Monday so that would not be a possibility. (insert her blank stare here). Plus the new school in Texas wants a lot of new student and transfer paperwork that we just didn't have.
  4. My husband started a new position- For the past 2 years I have been blessed to have my husband work from home. I absolutely love spending time with him and I had gotten use to seeing him hard at work at our kitchen table. Unfortunately, it wasn't paying the bills as much as we would've liked or hoped. So when he got offered a promotion within the same company umbrella, we jumped at it. So we packed up and headed west. Only thing is his start date kept getting pushed back and in the mean time his paychecks were adding up to zero. So that meant eating, sitting and sleeping on the floor since we sold most of our furniture (reference#1, yea probably could've kept some of it since we ended up getting a bigger truck).
  5. I started working outside the home- Since getting married 5 years ago, I have been fortunate enough to be allowed to be a stay at home mom and wife. My husband's income previously had always been enough. He always told me that it was my choice if I wanted to work outside of the home, but I didn't have to. He would take care of me. I love him for that. I've been working since I was 15 years old. When I was a single mom, I sometimes would work 2-3 jobs just to keep my children fed and a roof over our head. The struggle to maintain was hard. So when my Prince Charming came and offered this, of course I took advantage of it. Despite my husband's promotion and pay increase, I decided to go back to work to speed up our financial savings plan and retirement agenda. (Hawaii here we come!) So now re-entering the workforce has been hard. Primarily because I was trying to make sure I'm able to get the hours that don't disrupt our family time and lifestyle. Also trying not to be self conscious about the fact that I'm a 40 year old woman competing for the same positions as the whippersnappers half my age.
  6. The Spartan Race- Enough said. 
Now before you start feeling sorry for me or think I'm over here having a pity party...stop and read on....

  1. Moving from Georgia to Texas- Our previous property was absolutely excellent in working with our situation and time crunch. We were able to sell and/giveaway what we needed to and kept the rest...which did all fit in the bigger truck we got stuck with. The actual drive itself wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. The weather was nice and since my 11 year old copilot slept most of the way, it gave me the opportunity to have a mini Beyonce and Mariah Carey karaoke contest with myself....a lot better than 13 hours of Disney show tunes. Also because we have the best extended family in the world, we were able to find a better and bigger temporary living situation for ZERO dollars. Our host was more than accommodating and was a true Godsend.
  2. More product reviews than I anticipated-   PurAthlete EndurancePurAthlete Regenerate, Urbal DermarootLemmings2Lions Pure Triple Strength Omega3 Fish OilResearch Verified Omega 3...just to name a few. Although it was a bit rough tracking everything, I am more than pleased with everything I received. Sure, there are a few things still in limbo, but I just look at it as surprise freebies that I'll be receiving soon.To see my complete review of the products I did receive follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook +fatfatgonefit . (yes, shameless plug). 
  3. My daughter starting a new school- Miraculously, it actually didn't take until the next week for the withdrawal paperwork to get processed. My daughter came home with the forms at the end of that same day. So the following week, we nervously show up to the new school with the paperwork we did have, which was only 3 out of the 6 things they requested....guess what they accepted it; no questions asked! Plus it turns out that the new school is one of the best schools in the area and feeds into a high school that is in the top 1% in the country! 
  4. My husband started a new position- Yes, I had to get use to the idea of him not being around constantly, but honestly this promotion has been such a huge blessing. This position seemed to be designed specifically for him. It marries his two areas of expertise: Professional Training/Employee Development and the Financial Industry. The pay increase and all of the other company perks more than make up for the time lost.  So although his original start date got pushed by a couple of weeks, we have no ill feelings about it now. It gave us the time we needed to acclimate ourselves to the new environment and explore the city before all of the busyness of work life. 
  5. I started working outside the home- At first when I put my resumes out there, all I heard were crickets. Not a peep or if I did get a response back it wasn't an ideal employer, location or work schedule. I finally landed to a place that I think I'll enjoy that has a mix of old geezers like myself and young bucks. The location and work schedule fits our family life perfectly. The pay is pretty decent to say the least (Hawaii here we come!). Added bonus it's right in the middle of upscale cafes and coffee shops, cheap eclectic eateries and a 24 hour gym. Let's see which I frequent more. LOL
  6. The Spartan Race- This will be the last race (thank GOD) this year to complete my Trifecta. This race a bit more special to my husband and I because our daughter will also be racing this weekend in the Kid's Spartan race. We're so excited to see her accomplish this obstacle course race and push past her limits.
So although this month has had it's challenges, it has turned out to be a true testimony of faith and patience. I'm anxious to see what next month brings....hopefully some peace and quiet.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Being "THAT" Couple

I enlisted help from #thehubs this week for my product reviews for: Eagle ProFitness Weightlifting WristStraps, nCircle Mens Silicon Wedding Ring and Advanced Nutrition by Zahler (their Reach Strawberry Protein Powder). Overall each product scored well. One of the reasons I love doing product reviews is that it affords me the opportunity to try out new stuff without breaking my wallet and it gives me a chance to give these companies my 100% unpaid, unbiased...I don't care who you are...honest review. That being said here are the stats:

  • Advanced Nutrition by Zahler/Reach Strawberry Protein Powder
         ~Although the SMELL was extremely fruity the taste wasn't. I tried on 2 different occasions; using nondairy milk as well as just plain water. Both times, you could barely get the 'strawberry' taste. I could only imagine if you actually added anything else to it (like yogurt/oatmeal/flax etc) would more than likely take on the taste of whatever you mixed with it. The macros on this powder, however, were fairly decent: 120 Calories, 5g Carbs, 1g Sugar and 25g it's certified Kosher. The dessert queen in me just wishes it was more berrylicious.

  • Eagle ProFitness Weightlifting WristStraps with Hand Grips
         ~The straps worked well for this workout however he told me that it's probably not something he'd use for everyday because he'd still get callouses....something he's trying to avoid. I would imagine the straps would be more geared towards the Powerlifter who doesn't care about having soft hands. I want...I mean...#thehubs wants the soft hands.
For the full review, watch the video below. 

  • nCircle Mens Silicon Wedding Ring
          ~He LOVES this ring. It has a snug fit without being too constricting. He's excited to wear it to the Reebok Spartan Race next month. I'm excited to see if it'll actually hold up with the mud and obstacles...but for now, it worked for a full hardcore workout (and continues to) if for nothing else, I'm happy for that. For the full review, watch the video below.

So, after the impromptu and severely amateur video shoot, my husband said, "Hey, guess what?! We're 'that' couple!"....he had the biggest, cheesiest grin on his face. I ask out of complete confusion, "What couple?"....he responds with, "The 'Fit Couple' people always talk about....the 'IT' couple on t.v....the type of couples we used to talk about....the inspiring and motivating ones we used to stare at....Now WE'RE it!" 
I'm thinking that clearly I've stepped into an alternate universe...because no where in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that I would be included in that type of statement or thought. Seriously?! ME?! Apart of a 'FIT' couple?! Yeah right! Somehow, I always imagined 'THAT' couple to be the Superhero Duo that color coordinates their outfits...that perform every rep, every exercise with ease and not a bead of sweat like they're straight out of some bodybuilding or Old Spice or Victoria Secret commercial...the ones with perfect hair and makeup....that bust out of a gym looking all swole and intimidating the weak and innocent. 

That wasn't me. Maybe him, but definitely not me. I'm the awkward girl that is digging the giant wedgie out of her butt as she walks into the gym....who has to constantly put her hair in a messy rat's nest pineapple bun because it keeps coming undone....the one who grunts with every rep because seriously EVERY reps almost kills me....the one that never matches and has probably slept in that same workout shirt the night before....the one that you might catch adjusting her too small, too big or too sweaty sports bra at any given moment.....and the girl that on the way out of the gym is pulling out that same damn wedgie. So ummm, 'fit couple'....yeah, ok, not hardly. 

But there he is; just standing there still with that cheesy smile like a little boy waiting on my approval or acceptance to the ridiculous thing he just said. So I calmly reply with, "Are we really?" Thinking that maybe if I turn it back on him....if he REALLY thinks about it, he'll realize how crazy he actually sounded. But NOPE! He gleefully snaps back with, "Yep! Because you do all these health and fitness reviews and if I wasn't fit I wouldn't be able to help you with that sort of we like going to the gym and stuff!" 
OK WHOA PARTNER!! Let's slow it down a little....I GO to the gym...I don't LIKE going to the gym. I still don't like exercising. It's just a solution to a problem I have....that I LOVE to eat and I don't want to die early. And what is this " AND STUFF" you speak of?! 
Now, admittedly, yes I have been doing health and fitness product reviews as of recently. Which I enjoy; who doesn't like free stuff of any kind, right? BUT to connect the dots from free product reviews to FIT're stretching it Sir. 
#thehubs then proceeds to explain to me the "AND STUFF" is the fact that the last few gifts we've exchanged have been fitness related. Which is true. Now, if you would've asked me a few years ago..."Hey Enna what if your spouse got you a fitness item for a present?" I would've looked at you crazy and sternly told you that I'd whop him upside his head for being so rude. But now I regularly ask for the newest fitness gear and gadgets. So maybe I have morphed....not sure how the hell that happened....because again I am a girl who hated to sweat....the girl that used to drive down her driveway to get her mail....the girl that could and would hold a pee for hours because she didn't want to walk all the way across the house to the bathroom...Maybe I was brainwashed or drugged. Not sure what this weirdo human I have come to love as my lifepartner has done to me....but do I, in fact, secretly enjoy it?! I do like being thought of, even if only by him, as apart of a 'fit couple'. The more I thought about it and looked at his chocolaty eyes, I realized that the big cheesy grin wasn't him wanting my approval. It was his way of expressing how proud he was of me...of us. And I'm ok with that. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Give it to Mikey; He'll Eat Anything!

Do you remember that Life Cereal commercial back in the 80s, where the kids were unsure of the taste so they said "Give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything?"

I always wondered what ever happened to Mikey...and were there really kids out there that would eat anything? How crazy and dangerous for the taste buds right? Well....maybe not so crazy. Somehow, as I've gotten older, I've become the modern day Mikey. I love trying new things; having new experiences and ultimately pushing my taste buds to the limits. That being said, it leaves me open to alot of criticism from my friends and family. However the same people that criticize me also seem to use me as their personal test monkey.

Honestly, I don't mind...again~ new experiences. Besides, I love seriously, I LOVE food. 

So, imagine my delight when I recently received the opportunity to do food related product reviews..

Here's a clip of my first tasting review video. I'm doing a tasting of CardioTabs Cardio Whey, Summit Nutrition Super Plant Protein and BugEater Foods Jump Cricket Protein powders.

Yea, you read and heard that right....CRICKET!

Even now, you'd think I'd be discouraged in trying anything new....NOPE!
Until the next experience...HAPPY EATING!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Who are we?! We are Spartans! #aroo....Huh, Really?!

I used to always scratch my head in wonder and confusion of why certain people put themselves through a certain hell called Spartan Races. As I sat in astonishment that what seemed to be regular, ordinary and sane individuals put their body through the physical anguish of anywhere from 4-15 miles of rugged terrain and 20-30 obstacles....I thought to myself "They are CRAZY! That would NEVER be me!". I knew that like I knew my name, because this girl hates to exercise, hates to sweat, hates to even walk long distances. But 2 years after I started following these looney happened.....
This March, I joined the revolution.

That crazy bird standing next to me is my husband. He is definitely the love of my life, my supporter and my biggest cheerleader. I say that because despite him looking at me like I had lost my mind when I approached him about the Spartan Race, he still did it with me. That was at the Atlanta Sprint which was 4.5 miles and 20 obstacles. We trudged through gallons of poop, muddy waters and thick 50 degree weather! So of course all of our cute clothes got chunked right in the trash afterwards. We loved and hated every minute of it. We were stung by the bug. So we are clawing our way to complete the Trifecta this year. The next tier is always longer and harder. 

Here I am at the Asheville Spartan Super (2nd Tier)....

Black Mountain in Asheville with 3100 feet of elevation...10 miles, 28 obstacles through gravel quarries, mountainous terrain and rivers. One of the lifesavers besides the water station and porta-potties every other mile, were these little gems:

Not only did they taste like Smarties candy but they also helped keep me from crapping up...a painful problem I experienced the first race.
I'm still in amazement that I not only finished but that I actually had the guts to start all of this craziness to begin with.

Only one more race, one more medal, one more day to endure hell before the Trifecta is complete. So what do I do after the races.....


Training to be faster, fitter, stronger....BETTER than the race before.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sweat Pink Bulu Box Review

The way to a girl's heart is with food and freebies. Well at least to this #fatfatgonefit girl's heart. So when I got the opportunity to do a Bulu Box review in partnership with FitApproach/SweatPink, I was ecstatic. I mean, c'mon: FREE plus FOOD samples....

If you're not familiar with Bulu's similar to most subscription box services as in you pay for a particular level of box per month and the company sends you a box of samples. The more you spend = the more products are included in your box. The unique feature with this company is that all of their sample products are health and fitness related. Each month Bulu Box subscribers receive 4-5 vitamin, supplement and healthy snack samples to try. Every sample in Bulu Box is also available in full size quantities in the Bulu Box shop. One of the other benefits of a Bulu Box subscription is the Rewards Points program. Each monthly subscriber can take a quick survey about the samples in their box in exchange for 10 Rewards Points each. Every 50 Reward Points is $5 that can be use toward the purchase of any full size product on
That being said, maybe because I was doing a free review is why the box I received was a bit sparse. Dismal at best. 

The positive: The design of the box is eye-catching. An A+ to the Marketing team on that. Also it was very easy to open. 
The negative: The items I received.
I've received subscription boxes from other companies so maybe my expectations were set a bit high. My look when I opened the Bulu Box.....

Not only was it not the amount I expected to be considered a 'sampler' box but also the so called 'Health and Fitness' products received weren't cohesive with each other. Some of the packaging was questionable. For example, two of the products were in, what could only be described as, Ziplock baggies. Other questionable product samples were the sideways toothbrush  (just weird) and the anti-inch cream. It just didn't make sense.

The BEST thing in the box: Island Boost Renegade 1oz  electrolyte juice

The WORST thing in the box: Yerba Prima Daily Fiber Formula. This was one of the one's with questionable packaging. Although it looked suspicious to say the least it did come with a little flyer stapled to the clear Ziplock baggie to explain the content. Also the taste was not pleasurable. 

Other items in the box:
Mediterra Sundried Tomato&Basil Granola bar
More-T Toothbrush
Bugeater Foods Jump Cricket Protein powder
Earth's Care Anti Itch cream

All one serving samples. So not something that you would be able to tell actually worked. This sample subscription box would be more for the purposes of see if you liked a particular taste or to see if you wanted to switch things up with a new flavor. Keeping that in mind, I personally would not buy any of the products in this particular Bulu Box. 
However, from looking at other Fit Approach/Sweat Pink Ambassador blog posts, some of them seemed to get pretty good samplers. Somehow I was odd (wo)man out. Oh well.
I do like the concept of subscription boxes. It's a great idea to 'try before you buy' especially with all of the millions of health and fitness related products out on the market today. 

So the verdict: Neutral
Take a look at the site for yourself and determine if the cost is worth it to you personally. For me it isn't. If you decide to try it, use promo code: SWEATPINK to receive 50% off a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription on

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Next Miracle Pill?

When I first started caring about my weight or body image years ago, I looked for and tried EVERYTHING under the sun....well that is except for exercise and healthy eating. I hated (and still hate) to exercise. And yes I know that "hate" is a strong word. But seriously, I HATED to exercise. So I scoured the stores and Google for alternative methods of losing weight. My hope was that I'd be able to find a miracle diet or pill that would help me go from:

To this:

But no such luck. I literally tried just about everything....
The Cabbage Soup Diet, Slimfast, The Hollywood Cookie Diet, HCG and B12 Injections, Diet Shakes, The Atkins Diet, The Military Diet, The Grapefruit Diet, Sugar Busters Diet, The Zone Diet, The South Beach Diet, and Paleo (before it was cool)....just to name a few. So then I got the wild and crazy idea that maybe there's a magic pill out there that works. Something that I could just take and 'poof' the weight would disappear. Of course no one else had discovered this pill; it was just waiting on the right person, me, to find it. So again I scoured the stores and Google for that magic pill. I tried all the pills...the Detox, the Fatburners, the Energy Boosters, the Appetite Suppressants, the Slimming Pills. Tried several that gave me the jitters; that made me feel like I was about to have a heart attack. Still nothing worked. I even recently found 'Elite FatBurner' through a product review site I'm apart of. 

At first, I was pleased that it didn't give me the jitters or have my heart beating out of my chest.....but then I noticed something strange when I went to the restroom....

As in the same maroon color as the pills. YUCK! I know, maybe T.M.I...but it seriously freaked me out! Ok, so 
*Does it "burn fat"? I don't know. 
*Does it help you lose weight? I don't think so. 

So the verdict and my final conclusion:

At the end of the day, the ONLY thing that actually WORKED was me doing the thing that I said I HATE to do: