Saturday, May 31, 2014

Top 10 Things That Made Me Rethink Pool Day

So, my daughter had a sleep over and my husband and I come up with the bright idea of going to the pool. First, let me preface this to say that this an outdoor pool at our local gym...which means not only is it crowded, but there's a variety of people...all different shapes, sizes and ages.
As an avid people watcher with a serious case of A.D.D, this is a visual heaven for me. So what types of things did I see?!

• The kids that act like this is the first time they've ever been anywhere...obviously so because they are acting buck-wild!
•The puppy love couple that forgot that there's little children out here....obviously so because they are clearly touching each other inappropriately.
•The Life Guard that is more like Drill Sargeant or annoying hall monitor than a lifeguard....obviously so because every 5 seconds she's blowing her whistle.
•The parent that thinks it's funny to almost drown their kids...obviously so because the child is kicking, screaming and crying as the parent throws them in the deep end.
•The parent that thinks that floaties are babysitters...obviously so because as their child was drifting away, they were on their cell phone facing the opposite direction.
•The Daredevil 2 year old that thinks he's invincible just because he has a life jacket on...obviously so because the toddler gets a running start before diving in the pool like Evil Kanevil.
•The woman that forgot she was coming to the pool...obviously so because she's wearing two layers of makeup and every piece of jewelry she owns.
•The man that forgot it's 90+degrees outside...obviously so because he's wearing black jeans, blue long sleeve shirt with socks and tennis shoes. Oh AND a jacket!
•The wannabe model that mistook the pool for her personal photo shoot...obviously so because in between her walking back and forth (for no other purpose than thinking she was on the runway), she was taking selfies WITH THE DUCK LIPS!
•The hairy Italian stallion that has no concept of 'a little goes a long way'...obviously so because amidst the forest of hair he had on his chest, he must've rubbed a gallon of sunblock on...yea, it was white and greasy. Yuck.

We were there for 4 hours  and this is just the "Top Ten" folks!
The absolute worst thing I saw:
•The 12 year old in a Victoria Secret swimsuit. C'mon Mom&Dad, really?!
The absolute best thing I saw:
•The 8 month pregnant mom who was wearing an appropriately pretty and sassy swimsuit that swam and played with her adorably cute 4 year old.

So all and all, it was an interesting day. The girls had fun so that's all that matters...right?!  :) 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Who You Are

This month my oldest daughter turned 21. Just typing that makes me feel old. UGH!!

Now mind you, I also have a 22 year old son....but it's not the same. Seeing my daughter grow up into womanhood has been one of the most difficult things for me. She's not my little princess, my Barbie doll, my little Tinkerbell or little mermaid any more. She's an actual woman. One with aspirations and goals of her with ideals that I no longer have control that has her own opinions of the world, how it works and how she's going to live in it. (Honestly, she had her own opinions since she was 10 but that's a whole other blog story.)

I think back to her younger years...was there anything that I should have told her that I neglected to? Is there some secret to life, love and happiness that I've forgotten to share with her?

Coincidentally, through cleaning out my email, I came across this video. It resonates with everything I wish I could now convey or get through to my princess.

I hope it encourages all of you. Have an AWESOME week because you are AWESOME!

If Every Woman Believed Every Word in This 3 Min. Video—It Could Literally Change the World –

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hello Friend, It's Been Awhile....

My apologies, it's been almost two months since we've last talked...57 days to be exact.
In that time, I've often wondered "Are you waiting for me?"...Are you thinking, "What is that crazy lady up to?" I could give you a dozen different reasons of why I've been off know the typical excuses we all give..."been busy", "being pulled in different directions", "family and work stresses", "dealing with the kids"...ecetera, ecetera, ecetera. All of them are true, but none valid enough to neglect the commitment that I've made to all of you. Honestly, in this case (as in every), my A.D.D got the best of me. I kept meaning to log in (or more appropriately 'blog' in), but as my nature took over, I'd get distracted. Next thing I know, it's been 57 days and I'm thinking "Wow, has it really been that long?".
So, here's a brief synopsis of what's been going on in my little corner of craziness:

Currently I'm....

  • Starting...a new weekly blog challenge
  • Reading...Breakthrough by Joel Osteen
  • Playing...less Candy Crush
  • Watching...Once Upon a Time, Crisis, and Redemption
  • Listening to...Alice Smith
  • Wearing...more workout clothes than regular outfits
  • Cooking...alot of fish and ground chicken
  • Eating...more clean
  • Drinking...more water and homemade smoothies and juices
  • Wanting...carbs!!! (reason: refer to previous 3 answers)
  • eldest daughter who lives in another state
  • and fitness (yes, I know. Counterproductive)
  • and giveaways
  • the gym 4-5 days a week
  • Discovering...that I like all of those annoying online surveys
  • Loving...the warmer days
  • Hating...that my youngest will be leaving me soon for summer vacation
  • Enjoying...that my husband works from home now
  • Thankful mom and step-dad
  • Celebrating...God's favor and grace over my family
  • Feeling...bloated from tonight's meal
  • Finishing...this blog until next time so I can lay my bloated self down!