Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Striving to be #instafamous

So everyday I troll through social media and gawk and awe at the beautiful fitness models and delicious fitfoods and wonder...HOW? How is it that their hair and skin is flawless...How is it that the crust isn't burnt...How is it that the lighting is always so PERFECT?! I've even been desperate enough to ask a few of these #instafamous profiles and they all answered simply...Put yourself out there and just practice. They proceed to tell me that the one perfect shot I'm looking at took them hours to create and over 50+ takes. Really?!

So you mean to tell me that all of these profiles and 'perfectly' executed shots don't happen so easily and are NOT so perfect afterall?! Ok, I'll take the bait...So today I tried to create the perfect #foodporn protein pancakes with a Youtube Video to boot. OMG!!! It literally took 67 takes, made my phone hot and battery die...AND IT STILL WASN'T TRUE #FOODPORN WORTHY!!

So although I truly loved the taste of my #topnotch30in30 Almond Protein Pancakes, I think it'll be a loooong while before my next #instafamous trial.