Monday, August 1, 2016

CyberMonday Let's Make a Deal!

I'd consider myself a pretty thrifty person...although if you ask my husband, he might word it as a penny pinching cheapskate.

The thing is that I LOVE discounts, coupons and deals. Why pay full price if you don't have to?!

I am in no way a 'Coupon Queen' or 'Extreme Coupon-er'. However, if given the opportunity to save money, I take it. 

That's more money in my pocket that can go towards other more important Starbucks. 

I'm also a generous 'Penny Pinching Cheapskate'. I actually like passing along coupons or deals that I find. That way maybe if you have extra money in your pocket you can spend it on more important Starbucks for me. 

So, here are some discount codes that I've collected and passing along to you: 

Vibram Athletic and Outdoor Gear 30% off Code: IDEA2016
Lyft Rideshare Discount Code: PEANUTS4U
Takeya Thermoflask 15% off Code: THERMO15
Pop Pilates Training Program Only $199 Originally $299 Code: POPIDEA2016 (exp 9/5/16)
Amazing Grass Greens and Protein Powders 50% off Code: BLOGFEST2016 (exp 8/31/16)
Delfinspa Fitness Apparel 20% off Code: IDEAFIT
The Tube Wearable Waistband 20% off Code: RACE2016
Weightlifting Gloves 10% off Code: WLG-10
BattleFrog Obstacle Course Race $20off XTreme, $15off 8K, $10off  Elite&Youth, $5off Bullfrog&Tadpole Code: BFFT360

Ok, now go out there and save some $$$$...and if you're so inclined you can use that extra money for something special...