Friday, November 6, 2015

Adding Up the Healthy Foodie Credits

So every Friday on all of my social media outlets, I pay homage to all of my favorite foodie finds of the prior week...some vegan, some not, but mostly healthy #nomnoms that I wish to devour or at least try to recreate. I call it #fitfoodfriday!

Initially I wanted the purpose of #fitfoodfriday to be to educate novices out there on healthy food facts and recipes and hopefully inspire them to get and STAY on a better path of health. However, the more research and posting I do, it has seemed to evolve into something else.
Confession: I'm using it for EVIL.

I've noticed that I've started gathering tips and ideas on how to "ADD UP THE CREDITS"...simply put counting my Macros, dotting my I's/crossing my T's, to figure out when and what cheat I can have later. Adding up enough healthy food credits so when I go bonkers on some McDonald's fries I don't feel as guilty...or the Wendy's Frosty...or biscuits and gravy...or chocolate chip muffins...or a candy bar...or a warm slice of apple pie...

My kitchen cabinet stays stocked with all kinds of healthy 'break the glass in case of emergency' stash...they are lifesavers. Take for instance my new favorite go-to:  manitobaharvest hemp products...I add the hemp hearts to EVERYTHING! Seriously #yummyinmytummy! So much so that I've partnered up with them to do a lil'giveaway > #instagramgiveaway@fatfatgonefit <

Banana with Cashew Butter and rolled in Hemp Hearts
Vanilla Greek Yogurt with Hemp Hearts

Yea, I didn't say I was Rachel Ray...don't judge me! You can actual find tastier and more creative recipes on their website. (see link above)

So I guess my question to all of you fabulous #fitfam fanatics is:
If I eat this heart healthy, low calorie, high protein sort of stuff everyday from now until let's say...umm, just choosing a random date here...November 26ish...will I have enough 'credits' built up to demolish some stuffing?

Or do I even care?

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