Friday, July 8, 2016

Trying to #FeelAmazingEveryday

A little known fact about me: 

Seriously. I've been doing it off and on all of my life...consistently for the last 3years and I still hate it. All of the people that told me in the beginning that I would learn to love it, that it would get easier...

They lied. I haven't "learned" to love it and it hasn't gotten any easier. I dread it everyday. I actually dread it the night before just thinking of all of the sweat and anguish I'll go through the next day. Everyday, I think of clever ways not to have to workout...but everyday I still end up exercising. Why?! Why do I keep putting myself through something I don't enjoy?!

Seriously...that's the ONLY reason. Now I realize that I can't totally pig out. 

That wouldn't be conducive or practical, right? No matter how much I want to.

For that reason, I have become an expert in finding healthy nutritional options that will:

  • Be Quick and Easy to prepare
  • Provides Energy
  • Promotes Lean Muscle
  • Satisfies Hunger (so I don't pig out)
  • Aids in Digestion (just in case I do pig out)
  • Ultimately has a Nutritional profile that fits into my active lifestyle (Low calorie, Low carb, Low sugar, Plant-Based, Gluten Free, NonGMO)
Which usually means...rabbit food

I'm okay with that...mostly. But sometimes you need a milkshake or candybar. When I have those types of cravings, I try to either buy or make healthier alternatives. Before you flip out, yes you can make a healthy milkshake-ish type concoction. You just have to have the right kind of protein powder base. 
Let's face it, alot of protein powders out there can be gritty and down right gross.

#FitFoodieTip: Try Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Powder. I just found this gem and it fits all of my must-have bullet points and it's kinda yummy. Check out my full Youtube review. 
And here is my feeble attempt to make Protein bites.

1scoopProteinPowder 1tbspFlax 3tbspAlmondButter 1tbspCocoaPowder 1tbspRawHoney

Ok, obviously I'm not a Pinterest Cooking guru, however they were extremely delicious and a great fit for my on-the-go day. 
I also made my Fakeout Milkshake by preparing as usual protein drink just blend in a frozen banana, frozen Strawberries and 1tsbp of Almond Butter.

Another little known fact about me (if you haven't figured it out yet)


Yea just SOMETIMES I like sharing

Fortunately the people at Amazing Grass are in the giving spirit. So, I have partnered with them to do a giveaway.
1 lucky winner will receive one full size container of the winner’s choice of Original, Vanilla or Peanut Butter Chocolate SuperFoods Protein powder. (US based winners only)

The rules are simple:
That's it! Winner will be announced July 11th. 

So what are some of your favorite protein powder recipes...and are you a Reluctant Fitness, Exercise Hating Foodie? Share your tips! For other great fitness blog posts or more recipes and ideas, go to


  1. there are days i do not like to workout..but once im there i enjoy the feeling. for me most important thing is going to the class i actually love to do.

  2. I've attempted protein bites once, but I admit if I use a protein powder I usually just default to making a shake.

  3. Hooray for all the amazing benefits that come from working out!

  4. I'm generally not a protein powder person, but this one does sound pretty tasty. Especially in a faux milkshake - yum!

  5. I actually love to exercise! The bonus is that I get to eat ALL the food!

  6. Ok I think you need to find an exercise or activity you actually like and look forward to doing. I really love to exercise and get such a high from it.

  7. I like to exercise but there are still days I'd much rather sleep. I have to laugh though because my husband is a runner, a big runner, because he loves to eat. Of course on vacation he has been so beat he hasn't been running and me stuck in the hotel with the girls, or laying by the pool, walking around town, ect I HAVE to workout just to move and feel like a human. If only the workouts I did burned as many calories as his running since I'm eating all the food. Haha!

  8. I have days where I don't want to exercise, but as a whole, I truly LOVE to workout. I know that makes me an odd ball. But I truly enjoy the feeling of pushing myself. That said, I'm also an ultra runner who LOVES to eat. I'd probably be about 200 lbs heavier if I didn't exercise!

  9. I love baking with protein - my most recent recipe is a protein zucchini mini breakfast bread!

  10. I love baking with protein - my most recent recipe is a protein zucchini mini breakfast bread!

  11. I didn't like exercise for a long time. It ultimately grew on me. But good for you for getting it done regardless!

  12. Haha, I can relate to ALL OF THESE! So great! :)

  13. I love protein bites and protein pudding. But, mostly, I love that meme of the little girl. That is so hilarious! Totally me if you're trying to take my food.

  14. I usually just have my protein with water or in smoothies but I need to start cooking/baking with them again.

  15. Finding the right protein powder is a lot like finding the right pair of jeans. When you find the right one for you, you stick with that brand, and stock up on 'em!