Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Birthday Wisdom

Now that my 'Birthday Month' is officially over, I reflect back on all that I've learned over the years. At first, I thought about doing a cutesy and super emotional YouTube video...but never got the nerve. Then, thought maybe I'd list 39 different things to go with my 39 years of living...yea right...my A.D.D. didn't keep me still long enough for that. So here's the bottom line folks...

In life, and in mine specifically,  there are always ups and downs...within every happiness there's heartache...it's inevitable. So the thing that I've learned and want to advise you of is:

Sometimes it is too late for feeling disappointments, regret, and even apologies for the past...but take heart...It's never too late to start over, to reinvent yourself and to build the happily ever after you've always dreamed of. 

I know it's pretty simple and cliché,  but 100% on target. I thank God for both the happiness and heartache thus far and will continue to look forward to and enjoy the roller coaster ride that is my life.

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