Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Consumer Advisory Reports

So my husband has told me that I have an opinion about everything. Couple that with me liking to try new things and a Product Reviewer, Blogger, Vlogger, Restaurant and Event Reviewer, Taste Tester and all around Test Monkey is born.

I actually really like giving reviews on products, foods and services. Why?! Well, because I hate wasting my time and money. So before I buy something new or go somewhere new I like to look up reviews. I need to know: how was the experience, how did it work out, was it cheaply made, was it easy to find, was it easy to use, how long did it take, did it taste good, how was the service, was it worth it...was it a waste of time or money.
I figure if I like knowing those things, maybe others would too. Maybe I can save someone else from making a bad purchase

 or help them make a good one

So, for awhile now, I've been doing reviews on TripAdvisor, on my Youtube channel, and Instagram
I do reviews on just about every type of restaurant and product. A lot of products lately had been fitness related due to my increase in training for Spartan Races. However last week I needed a non-fitness related product as a result of my Spartan Race instead of for the training of it. 


It was the NeilMed Nasal Sinus Rinse. Why on earth would I need a nose squirter for a post-race recovery?!
This is why...

 Yea, Yuck...and More Yuck!

No, I'm not going to show you a picture of me using the nose squirter in my nose...it's bad enough you're seeing nasty, muddy water oozing from out of my nose. So just imagine that I used it properly. Here is the company's promo pic:

First off let me say that it was a bit daunting because of the huge size of the tip of the squirter. I mean I know I have a pretty big snout but wow! That being said it was pretty easy to use. The package comes with a saline powder solution that you mix with water...shake...and squirt. I suggest you take a deep breath and really mentally prepare yourself for what's about to happen. Unlike myself, who just kind of went for it and it totally freaked me out the first time. Which is weird and funny considering I have really bad sinuses so this is not the first time I've used a nasal spray. Anyways, I did it a couple of times in each nostril just to make sure I had gotten all of the yucky boo-boo water out of my nose. I could tell the difference right away. It didn't sting or burn like some other rinses. I suppose the big tip helped make sure the solution sprayed in the right place. NeilMed also sells A Nasal-Oral Aspirator for babies and kids which I'm strangely excited to try out as well. 
*Side note: 
Use "MOMSBLOG" for $3 off the purchase of a Naspira Nasal-Oral Aspirator at  www.neilmed.com
As an added BONUS, I'm giving away a NeilMed Naspira for 2 lucky people who follow my Youtube AND Instagram

So are you a Test Monkey like me

Or can you benefit from learning from others sweet finds or sour flunks

Or are you amazed that people actually do this

Am I the only weird one?


  1. Those spartan races are intense - makes total sense how you would get your sinuses full of mud while completing the obstacles.

  2. I'm so glad for people like you! I, too, research most products, restaurants, bars, locations, etc. before I dive in. So, thank you for being one of those test monkeys :)

  3. I was always so scared of a sinus rinse:)

  4. I'm so terrified of doing a sinus rinse and this totally made me re-think maybe doing a Spartan race this year lol. I definitely need at least a year to mentally prepare for that possibility LOL

    1. Giselle, there are so many pics that I could show you that are worse than this...LOL...but don't let it deter you from doing the Spartan race. It's definitely intense but you walk away with a huge feeling of exhilarating accomplishment. Definitely worth the sinus rinse.

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