Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Is it okay to be happy sometimes?!

So, this morning I'm going through my normal routine of running through all of  the different Social Media News sites and after 20 minutes I'm exhausted and feeling slightly depressed.
Articles like: "42 things that just wanna make you die a little" to  "Battling depression while on vacation" and "Why it's your fault your kids are out of control"....Not to mention all of the horrific real life news of the homeless, abused, and missing people. It really makes you value not only life in general but your life. I dare you  to watch or read an hour of local (or even world) news and I promise, unless you're completely desensitized, it will humble you.
It got me to thinking...Where is all of the good news? The fairy tales with happy endings? The "Wow!  That's so awesome!" The " Yay! What started out as Bad turned out Good.". Is there anyone out there that's just happy that they woke up today?
So, I decided to dig to find it. It was unbelievably harder than I thought it would be. I guess as a society we're starting to thrive on the unhappy.
*Side note: Maybe that's why there's so many successful, drama filled reality shows out there?!
Well, you know what?!
It's is ok to be happy. Sure, we all have our moments...and sometimes even the moments seem to last all day or week, but we all have something (at least one thing) to be happy about, right?  So why is it so hard to find in the media?
I give you all another dare....BE HAPPY!
Not only that, but profess it on the Web. Share your thankfulness and let the world know that it's OK to be happy sometimes.
Here, I'll start:
1. I'm thankful that I actually had a good night sleep despite my flat pillow that has been giving me neck pain recently.
2. I'm thankful that when I got up to wake up my daughter for school this morning it wasn't a struggle. That she was actually on time today and not rushing.
3. I'm happy that after my daughter left for school, my hubby and I were able to hit snooze and cuddle for a few more hours because we didn't have anywhere to be this morning.
4. I'm sooooo very happy that it stopped raining long enough for me to run into the gym and workout. (Although because I hate exercising,  the rain would've been a perfect excuse to skip today)
5. I'm happy that I even had the motivation and physical ability to exercise.(Oh, did I mention I hate exercising? )
6. I'm happy that I completed my entire workout without stopping...Even though Mr.Creepy Gym Man kept gawking at me.
7 . I'm happy that the sun is finally out and it's in the 70s considering it's been in the 30-40s for the past few weeks. (I hate cold weather almost as much as exercising)
8. I'm happy and thankful that I didn't get hit in the parking lot on the way home from the gym because it seemed like a few people were auditioning to be a driver for NASCAR.
9. I'm happy that I had all the ingredients to make my after workout smoothie without having to go to the store.
10. And of course, I'm happy for all of you....yea, yea, yea...I know, desperately cheesy right?! 
Anyways, find your happy. And if you can't, then just rejoice in someone else's.

Here's a little help to get you started:

" Instructions for a Bad Day"

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