Saturday, February 15, 2014

Random Shout-Out...My new Love

Ok, as always, this is completely random and may seem a bit out of left field....and I promise this shameless plug is not a paid advertisement...I just wanted to share a new found love!
As of recently, I've been following a Facebook page that came to me by way of those tricky marketing people at Facebook through the suggested likes page. At first, I didn't think too much into it; I just clicked like and proceeded about my day. Then I got bombarded by the massive post from this page; at first I was ready to be annoyed and 'dislike'....but something said "just read one or two posts first". And WOW, now I'm hooked! Being a 'Mighty Girl' myself and mother of 2 awesome 'Mighty Girls', I found the stories and books to be very insightful and inspirational. That's why I wanted to share.
So, to all of the 'Mighty Girls' out there, here's a couple of my favs:

Love this fantastic "We Are All Wonder Women" print by Chicago artists and sisters Sarah and Catherine Satrun! 

When we shared this print a few months ago, it sold out quickly so here's your chance again -- it's available in the artists' Etsy store at

If you or your Mighty Girl loves Wonder Woman, you can find Wonder Woman books, costumes, t-shirts, and toys in A Mighty Girl's "Wonder Woman Collection" at

For more empowering depictions of female superheroes ranging from Batgirl to Buffy, visit our "Superhero Collection" at

And, for more girl-empowering wall art, visit A Mighty Girl's "Art & Decor" section at

"Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate."

To find a few great role models to inspire your children, visit A Mighty Girl's collection of over 400 biographies of incredible girls and women from throughout history at

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