Monday, August 31, 2015

Who are we?! We are Spartans! #aroo....Huh, Really?!

I used to always scratch my head in wonder and confusion of why certain people put themselves through a certain hell called Spartan Races. As I sat in astonishment that what seemed to be regular, ordinary and sane individuals put their body through the physical anguish of anywhere from 4-15 miles of rugged terrain and 20-30 obstacles....I thought to myself "They are CRAZY! That would NEVER be me!". I knew that like I knew my name, because this girl hates to exercise, hates to sweat, hates to even walk long distances. But 2 years after I started following these looney happened.....
This March, I joined the revolution.

That crazy bird standing next to me is my husband. He is definitely the love of my life, my supporter and my biggest cheerleader. I say that because despite him looking at me like I had lost my mind when I approached him about the Spartan Race, he still did it with me. That was at the Atlanta Sprint which was 4.5 miles and 20 obstacles. We trudged through gallons of poop, muddy waters and thick 50 degree weather! So of course all of our cute clothes got chunked right in the trash afterwards. We loved and hated every minute of it. We were stung by the bug. So we are clawing our way to complete the Trifecta this year. The next tier is always longer and harder. 

Here I am at the Asheville Spartan Super (2nd Tier)....

Black Mountain in Asheville with 3100 feet of elevation...10 miles, 28 obstacles through gravel quarries, mountainous terrain and rivers. One of the lifesavers besides the water station and porta-potties every other mile, were these little gems:

Not only did they taste like Smarties candy but they also helped keep me from crapping up...a painful problem I experienced the first race.
I'm still in amazement that I not only finished but that I actually had the guts to start all of this craziness to begin with.

Only one more race, one more medal, one more day to endure hell before the Trifecta is complete. So what do I do after the races.....


Training to be faster, fitter, stronger....BETTER than the race before.

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